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Oh man. Oh man. Ohmanohmanohmanohman. 

I can't believe it. 100 watchers.

As a way to express my gratitude, I've put together a collection of art from every single one of my watchers. The first people who watched me are at the top, and my most recent watchers  are at the end. Deviants with empty galleries will have a :| smiley in place of artwork.

Thank you, guys. It's an honor to be watched by so many talented people. 
Seriously, you folks have some crazy awesome skills. Many of you were added to my own watch list after I discovered your awesome galleries. :)

(BTW, be sure to +fav and/or comment on this article. If this appears in the Journal Portal, it'll reach an even wider audience!)

:thumb148612335:  Getting the Goods From the Man by Roger-Dog amazing iran1 by innature They're BACK by b-cor
:iconpink-rubber-duckie: :iconephriokko: :iconroger-dog: :iconinnature: :iconb-cor:

Cranberry by maduvaria :thumb281900767: :thumb275680554: a Beachy Day by Neetfreak47 :thumb271076323:
:iconmaduvaria: :iconcentralplexus13: :iconinzanesonikku: :iconneetfreak47: :icondillydoodle:

Tunnel by Amaranthine-immortal Bokeh by Williia forbidden fruit by pincream Jill Valentine by Artkeyhoon Under your shade by soakedinbleach
:iconamaranthine-immortal: :iconwilliia: :iconpincream: :iconartkeyhoon: :iconsoakedinbleach:

Blaziken - Kindle by Spirogs :thumb175531226: :thumb176365122: Planet Z 3 - Cover by FractiousLemon Rarity and Diamond Star by DakotaLOrange
:iconspirogs: :iconlizaavelino: :iconelijul: :iconfractiouslemon: :icondakotalorange:

The Southern Lights by tohruhonda363 :| Revenge for my face by shoubu12 Devin Jacob by Toxic-Designs-Redux :| Creepy Creeps With Eerie Eyes by NovaGreensocks Leaves in the Breeze by Lunar-Wind
:icontohruhonda363: :iconwhitetara92: :iconshoubu12: :icontoxic-designs-redux: :iconkarvalore: :iconnovagreensocks: :iconlunar-wind:

.:Guardian Angel:. by Wolflover772  Guild Appreciation Day Heist
Four Pokémon slipped into the Spinda Café, where a wild party was being thrown.. so wild that PK and Shroomsworth were performing on stage. And Gunpowder and Mike were sitting at the same table. That wild. The four Pokémon who entered were Windfall and Eclipse of Team Radiance, along with Synteza and Veleno of Team Vertigo. Their footfalls and wingbeats wove themselves into that of the music playing, and they kept to the shadows as to not be detected, but in reality, there was no need for stealth - after all, if even the guild leaders were caught up in the party, it would be a piece of cake to go unnoticed - even if one were to run in screaming at the top of their lungs.
"Ssso how do you suppose we get there undetected, Eclipssse?" Veleno hissed in her ear, looking over at the performance on stage. "They're up there."
"Oh, and not to mention that everyone's looking up there," Synteza added, glaring at Eclipse. She preferred well thought out plans.. not just ideas.
Now, i
  Little Devil by SupahFlippyBros :| :thumb278030296:
:iconwolflover772: :iconninjaespy: :iconshayminftw: :iconsupahflippybros: :iconplatypus-of-pwnage5: :iconkalathepooh:

Yawn by bnbuehler Blue Background by DippyRainbow :thumb195327178: Lil' Conker by 5chmee A Gazing Grace 04 by dandy-cARTastrophe
:iconbnbuehler: :icondippyrainbow: :iconjittaaa005: :icon5chmee: :icondandy-cartastrophe:

:thumb271328612: Zzzzz by mopsie2000 STEAMBOAT DANMARK by Vixichi :thumb206599351: You're so close to me... by iloveLily
:iconparanormal-one: :iconmopsie2000: :iconvixichi: :iconsnowyp7: :iconilovelily:

Coming Home by KierstenOlsen Comic Shorts FF Logo by Zanshlou Cast by Cursed-9-11 
:iconnatznyuratik: :iconkierstenolsen: :iconzanshlou: :iconcursed-9-11: :iconpoplilly4009:

Boat Silohettes by Magic64 :thumb213015807: Star wars. Padme by ddarya Ba'buir Xadro the Berserker by DarthVengeance0325 Y U NO VISIT MY PAGE? by Jae55555
:iconmagic64: :iconsketchedhearts: :iconddarya: :icondarthvengeance0325: :iconjae55555:

Enjolras guidant les miserable by tweedandtea AT-Coast the Fosh by happyfudge Jeune Mais Sage by RocketRoulette Exotic Bust :rr: by ScittyKitty :thumb174541231:
:icontweedandtea: :iconhappyfudge: :iconrocketroulette: :iconscittykitty: :iconoldkeys:

:iconrecreating-life: :iconarmonsterz: :iconanimefreak0003: :icongghy: :iconzombiegamer: :iconrosemarri:

Piggyback by kozispoon Doc Robot by NillaKiwi Chibis by FaithWails :thumb262666426: My purazuma Refe. by puffysmoke1
:iconkozispoon: :iconnillakiwi: :iconfaithwails: :iconbearyfunny: :iconpuffysmoke1:

Bugs Bunny Goomba by Allthestuffilike94 Josh Groban by Stripyfox The Music Shopkeeper by rubberbend 61a by itsmattography :thumb208595949:
:iconallthestuffilike94: :iconstripyfox: :iconrubberbend: :iconitsmattography: :icondrdivine:

:thumb273727126: Chronicles of Ademar: Page 1 by PeterAndCompany Cooking Lesson by kanoomoo  Brigette and Her Concertina by AronDraws
:iconmichel2011: :iconpeterandcompany: :iconkanoomoo: :icontvskyle: :iconarondraws:

Crystal Ball Angel by Tenshi-no-Koneko  Young Spartan-WildC.A.T.S by danielgi5 :thumb186498896: Peter Puppy: Post Apocalypse by DestroX71689
:icontenshi-no-koneko: :iconznuese: :icondanielgi5: :iconlupineassassin: :icondestrox71689:

:| Tarishna Gellaway by FrankRMB GOML by hisiheyah  The Saving EcounterThe Saving Encounter                Aquaveemon (Aqua)/Alex      n/a
Ch.1 The Meeting
“Wow, it sure is hot today,” I say as I continue to walk. Well, other than the fact that I’m in a desert, it would be considered hot in other terms. “Man, where am I anyway?” I’m still trying to figure this out when something catches my attention. I look over in the direction and see a red digimon heading towards me. As it came closer to me, I start to get blinded by this weird light and then everything goes black as it seemed that the whole place was spinning. I start to yell who or what are you, but there is no reply except for a very large growl. I start to run but that doesn’t turn out well as I ran straight into a tree. As I back away in pain and slight confusion, I start to wonder how and why I ran into a tree. It took awhile before my sight returned to normal a
 Hold by RomanJones :thumb261222340: 
:icontkitcs: :iconfrankrmb: :iconhisiheyah: :iconlunarfang: :iconromanjones: :iconbreathe-a-little:

TBOS James Englehart AuditionJames stood at the door to the apartment complex, looking down at the woman in front of him.  "Excuse me," he said, "Are you Mrs. Thompson?"
"Yes," she replied, "How can I help you?"  Mrs. Thompson appeared calm, but her fear was evident in her voice.  The presence of a hunter at your door indicated that someone you knew might be infected, and that your life would never be the same again.
"I just need to ask your husband some questions.  Is he available?" said James.
"He just left.  Can I help you?"  Mrs. Thompson asked.
"I'll need to look around," said James, shoving her out of the way as he entered the apartment.  Even the slightest suspicion that someone was harboring a nonhuman gave him all the cause he needed to investigate the premises.  He felt no guilt over intruding on the rights of someone who associated with monsters.  James walked from the entrance to the living room, checking the apar
 Surprised Pumpkin by Ayame-Kenoshi weird weird  redesigned by mariatamayothewierdo Smoggy Anaheim by kirarules503 A very late presnet-wip by Shitakie
:iconbagnathesupervillain: :iconayame-kenoshi: :iconmariatamayothewierdo: :iconkirarules503: :iconshitakie:

:thumb275471377: Crawford's Cottage-- Little Golden Books Tribute by SKITS--O Kung Hei Fat Choi 2012 by lady-storykeeper PROVEMAR LOGOTYPE PROPORSAL by kendriv  Calm as the SeaThe sea was calm, as calm as it ever was for the longest time. Mural took it upon herself to leave the confines of the ship for a long needed swim. The water was so clear to her that every little creature that she swam past she could see with distinct detail. Oh how she loved the motion of the clear blue sea. It felt so rich as the salty water eased across her skin.
Plop! She stopped. ‘What was that?’ she asked herself. She waited for it to sound again. Several fish brushed past her, unnoticed.
                Plop! It sounded again. Mural looked about her to see what would cause such a sound. She swam past the reef, plop. The sound was lighter. It suddenly clicked in her mind what the sound was. She slowly slipped her head just above the water. It was small but she could see what it was. A lone man sat at the cove tossing his bobber into the sea. He held onto the fishing rod for a few moments the

:iconexplodingheads: :iconskits--o: :iconlady-storykeeper: :iconkendriv: :iconlastprotocol:

Thank you all for having questionable taste in art. <3

And again: you guys rock. :D
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FrankRMB Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012  Student General Artist
adsfsdfsd Why have I not seen this?!? 8B Thank oyu so much for the feature! You're a really talented artist unlike myself so there was no way I would NOT watch you. XD;
tweedandtea Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I'm going to have far too much fun looking through all of the galleries. :)
ScittyKitty Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
dude! ;; I see me. ;; Thanks for adding me and congrats on the 100 watchers! You are so talented. :,)
Roger-Dog Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Student Filmographer
Better start preparing that 3rd zero! ;)
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
CentralPlexus13 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats man! You put out some fantastic stuff :D

(I appreciate the art post as well :) )
Rosemarri Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
Wow, awesome! Imma hafta go through and look at some of these folks gallery's... great stuff! Thanks!
Ephriokko Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012  Student
fas;dlfh I'm up there at the top? what. *falls over*

thank you. :aww:
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